Welcome to Banh Mi Hero


banh mi hero lee's sandwichBánh Mì Hero, Louisville’s first full-service Vietnamese sandwich eatery.

Bánh Mì Hero serves both traditional and innovative Banh Mì sandwiches (pronounced “Bon Me”) prepared to order, as well as Vietnamese Tacos, and Jasmine Rice served in cups and topped with some of the best tasting stuff on Earth! Every bite is flavor-packed with a wonderful range of textures and flavors. Freshly baked breads, locally grown produce and the attention given to crafting our own spreads and condiments result in really great-tasting meals. Our vegetarian items are not a step down in flavor in any way, either. There is something for everyone.

We also offer a variety of Vietnamese beverages, Caphe Vietnam (Vietnamese French drip coffee served over ice), and Jasmine Tea.